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Joe Cotton buys and sells speculative stocks and has positions in other speculative stocks and penny stocks that he believes will give him high rewards. When he says Strong Buy for speculative stock, or penny stock, which includes New Western Energy, that means he would buy it himself, and believes it will go a lot higher, but he knows that it is a risky investment, and that he could lose the total amount of his investment. He believes that speculative stocks should not exceed 10% of one’s portfolio. The stocks picked by Joe Cotton are primarily made by analyzing stock trends, and no stock recommendation is to be considered investment advice, or in any way construed as investment advice. For investment advice, consult a Registered Investment Advisor or Certified Financial Planner. Although the information contained herein has been obtained from sources deemed to be reliable, it is not warranted or guaranteed, and has not been verified by Joe Cotton. Joe Cotton assumes no liability for errors, omissions or the accuracy of the information presented. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Joe Cotton thinks this is a great ground-floor opportunity. He believes that the management team in place is exceptional, and that they have the ability to expand the company and grow the earnings, which should result in a substantially higher stock price in the future…regardless of whether or not the price of oil continues to escalate. In 2002, Tesoro Petroleum was trading at around $2–$3 per share. In 2007, it was trading at over $60 per share. Such is the nature of oil companies. Even though oil company shares are very speculative in nature, as you can see, they can be very rewarding. Joe Cotton believes that the long-term trend for oil prices is higher…which should continue to benefit New Western Energy Corp.